Our method

A “power mapping” approach that reveals existing power relationships in order bring the viewpoints of different stakeholders closer together :

  • We identify environmental contexts and risks, particularly relating to the company’s dependence on ecosystem services and/or its energy needs
  • We analyse the legitimacy and relevance of different approaches taken by public authorities and other stakeholders on issues related to biodiversity, preservation of natural resources, and social responsibility (listing of the positions and stances of all these stakeholders)
  • We facilitate the creation of innovative alliances by searching for original and effective solutions for our clients



  • We help our clients craft sustainable development strategies: industry and territorial approaches; environmental, economic, and social performance indicators; economic intelligence, CSR/OSR, etc.
  • We help our clients develop environmental communication strategies: strategic intelligence; image and reputation; organisation of symposiums, forums, institutional meetings, and specialised seminars (i.e. environmental economics, the relationship between water-climate-agriculture, the energy transition and land-use planning, sharing use of ocean resources, etc.).
  • We help our clients anticipate or resolve conflicts and provide support during interactions with other stakeholders: mediation, intermediation, anti-crisis units, etc.